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    We're Funmi and Adrian, Photographers who primarily covers engagements and weddings in Edmonton, Canada. This website also includes our other photography work, such as events & portraits. We share some of our personal stories on our blog too, so you can get to know us and find out what excites us! We emigrated from the UK to Canada in 2012 and we absolutely love our new country of residence.

    Since we love getting to know Canada and its wonderful people, we instigated #yegweddinghour on Twitter in May 2013. Feel free to join us on Twitter on Wednesdays between 7 and 8 pm MST to find out more!

{15th Nov  2014}

Previews from Keira & Mike’s magnificently urban chic engagement session in downtown Edmonton. Thanks Keira & Mike for a fantastic session, we had so much fun! Many more images to follow soon.


Makeup: MakeupandMeg; Hairstyle: Hair 4U Design Studio; Location: Craft Beer Market & various areas downtown.

Keira & Mike Preview-1_Image by FO Photography
Keira & Mike Preview-2_Image by FO Photography
Keira & Mike Preview-3_Image by FO Photography
Keira & Mike Preview-4_Image by FO Photography
Keira & Mike Preview-5_Image by FO Photography
Keira & Mike Preview-6_Image by FO Photography
Keira & Mike Preview-7_Image by FO Photography
Keira & Mike Preview-8_Image by FO Photography
Keira & Mike Preview-9_Image by FO Photography

{1st Nov 2014}

11 days ago, we had the immense pleasure of covering Black Tie Bingo last Saturday at Northlands. Proceeds from the event are donated to The Edmonton Rodeo Cowboy’s Benevolent Foundation, who assist athletes in times of financial hardship due to rodeo-related injuries.

We had so much fun working with CM Events & Three Tall Women Design Inc.

6 Edmonton Chefs served their appetizers in a competition to win some prizes and accolades. The guests voted for their favourite appetizer. The chefs were Chef Erica Vliegenthart of District Coffee & Elm Cafe, Chef Michael Hassall of vivo, Chef Paul Shufelt of Century Hospitality Group, Chef Cory Rakowski of The Bothy, Chef Brad Lazarenko of Culina & Chef Brad Smoliak of Kitchen.


Planner: CM Events, Design: Three Tall Women Design Inc., Flowers: Vienna Intention, Audio Visual: Production World, Lighting: Showtech, Venue: Northlands, Rentals: Special Event Rentals

Black Tie Bingo-5_Image by FO Photography
Black Tie Bingo-15_Image by FO Photography
Black Tie Bingo-27_Image by FO Photography
Black Tie Bingo-30_Image by FO Photography
Black Tie Bingo-36_Image by FO Photography
Black Tie Bingo-43_Image by FO Photography
Black Tie Bingo-46_Image by FO Photography
Black Tie Bingo-48_Image by FO Photography
Black Tie Bingo-49_Image by FO Photography
Black Tie Bingo-51_Image by FO Photography
Black Tie Bingo-56_Image by FO Photography
Black Tie Bingo-61_Image by FO Photography
Black Tie Bingo-68_Image by FO Photography
Black Tie Bingo-71_Image by FO Photography
Black Tie Bingo-76_Image by FO Photography
Black Tie Bingo-80_Image by FO Photography
Black Tie Bingo-81_Image by FO Photography
Black Tie Bingo-83_Image by FO Photography
Black Tie Bingo-87_Image by FO Photography
Black Tie Bingo-93_Image by FO Photography
Black Tie Bingo-95_Image by FO Photography
Black Tie Bingo-102_Image by FO Photography
Black Tie Bingo-103_Image by FO Photography
Black Tie Bingo-109_Image by FO Photography
Black Tie Bingo-126_Image by FO Photography
Black Tie Bingo-131_Image by FO Photography
Black Tie Bingo-133_Image by FO Photography
Black Tie Bingo-135_Image by FO Photography
Black Tie Bingo-136_Image by FO Photography
Black Tie Bingo-140_Image by FO Photography
Black Tie Bingo-143_Image by FO Photography
Black Tie Bingo-149_Image by FO Photography
Black Tie Bingo-153_Image by FO Photography
Black Tie Bingo-156_Image by FO Photography
Black Tie Bingo-164_Image by FO Photography
Black Tie Bingo-166_Image by FO Photography
Black Tie Bingo-168_Image by FO Photography
Black Tie Bingo-170_Image by FO Photography
Black Tie Bingo-175_Image by FO Photography
Black Tie Bingo-177_Image by FO Photography
Black Tie Bingo-189_Image by FO Photography
Black Tie Bingo-191_Image by FO Photography
Black Tie Bingo-196_Image by FO Photography

{22nd Sept 2014}

After seeing several of Slavo Cech’s wrought iron art works in and around Edmonton, Alberta, we visited his residence to see some of his extensive and beautiful art. The works inspired us to create a wedding inspiration shoot that celebrates Slavo’s artistic talents, Meghan’s makeup skills, Maggie’s impeccable hair styling expertise & Afaf’s vegan wedding cakes and desserts. The resulting images show how life imitates art and vice versa; and showcases Edmonton’s beautiful autumnal fauna on its fall equinox day.

Recently, Slavo was interviewed by Edmonton’s CTV News about his art works. The interview can be seen here.  This autumnal equinox wedding inspiration would be perfect for art-loving couples who enjoy art works as much as they enjoy looking distinguished themselves.

Head to yeg wed to see more about our beautiful shoot.


 FO Photography ( ): Photographers, Makeup: MakeupandMeg, Hair Stylist: Hair Designs by Maggie, Model: Afaf Miri, Vegan desserts: Tamiri Bites, Art works: Slavo Cech for Metal Urges, Location Hosts: Cathy & Slavo Cech’s private residence, Dress: Afaf’s actual wedding dress; Maggie Sottero Couture purchased from Créations Vézina, Laval, Qc., Jewelry: Afaf’s bridal jewelry;  Créations Vézina

Purple Equinox-9_Image by FO Photography
Purple Equinox-12_Image by FO Photography
Purple Equinox-17_Image by FO Photography
Purple Equinox-24_Image by FO Photography
Purple Equinox-29_Image by FO Photography
Purple Equinox-34_Image by FO Photography
Purple Equinox-36_Image by FO Photography
Purple Equinox-38_Image by FO Photography
Purple Equinox-42_Image by FO Photography
Purple Equinox-43_Image by FO Photography
Purple Equinox-44_Image by FO Photography
Purple Equinox-45_Image by FO Photography
Purple Equinox-46_Image by FO Photography
Purple Equinox-51_Image by FO Photography
Purple Equinox-55_Image by FO Photography
Purple Equinox-57_Image by FO Photography
Purple Equinox-60_Image by FO Photography
Purple Equinox-64_Image by FO Photography
Purple Equinox-67_Image by FO Photography

{30th Aug 2014}

8 weeks ago, Nanette & François had a marvelous Edmonton wedding with a Paris, Lego and Teal theme! Congratulations on your wedding day, we are so happy that you chose us to cover your fun- and love-filled wedding.

Nanette & Francois-6_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-18_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-21_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-29_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-53_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-59_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-62_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-67_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-72_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-81_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-83_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-90_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-92_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-96_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-101_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-102_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-145_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-146_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-150_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-154_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-161_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-172_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-174_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-181_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-196_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-217_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-233_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-230_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-244_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-247_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-266_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-264_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-269_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-271_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-281_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-282_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-284_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-291_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-300_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-301_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-305_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-309_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-341_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-369_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-395_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-422_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-427_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-423_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-428_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-438_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-441_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-451_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-458_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-476_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-491_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-497_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-501_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-507_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-512_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-526_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-530_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-536_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-537_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-543_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-544_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-545_Image by FO Photography

Florist: Graham & Lane Florists, Hair: Groom’s mother, Jeannette Chaput, Bride’s makeup: Tracy DiBernardo – Edmonton Makeup Artist DJ: Clint of Infinite Event Services, Groom’s outfit: Moore’s, Bride’s outfit: Mina’s Bridal (dress) and David’s Bridal (veil) and Leo’s Tailor Shop (alterations), Bride’s jewelry: Beyond the Rack (earrings), Bride’s Maid’s dresses: Mina’s Bridal, Bride’s Shoes: David’s Bridal, Room decor: Infinite Event Services (back drop, chairs and table runners), Cake and Guest table centrepieces: Groom’s mother, Jeannette Chaput, Favours: 4imprint, Wedding Ceremony Venue: St Matthew Roman Catholic Parish, Wedding Preparation & Reception Venue: Radisson Hotel Edmonton South.

{1st Nov 2014}

A few previews from Black Tie Bingo last Saturday at Northlands.

Proceeds from the event are donated to The Edmonton Rodeo Cowboy’s Benevolent Foundation, who assist athletes in times of financial hardship due to rodeo-related injuries.

We had so much fun working with CM Events & Three Tall Women Design Inc.

From Caitlin: “Thank you to Alexandra Armstrong with Three Tall Women Design for the outstanding decor and stage management assistance. Fophotography for capturing the event and sharing these great photos, Special Event Rentals for supplying the rentals and linens, Krysta Scoggins for the fabulous entertainment, Rene Dunger for the gorgeous centerpeices, Production World for the Audio Visual, Chad Moss for organizing our competing Chefs, Northlands and all the amazing volunteers!”

Black Tie Bingo-1_Image by FO Photography
Black Tie Bingo-3_Image by FO Photography
Black Tie Bingo-4_Image by FO Photography
Black Tie Bingo-2_Image by FO Photography
Black Tie Bingo-5_Image by FO Photography
Black Tie Bingo-6_Image by FO Photography
Black Tie Bingo-7_Image by FO Photography
We are excited to share the full collection soon!

Are you planning an event? If yes, you might be interested in the secret sales that we only offer to our followers; want in on it? Join us for free!

{4th Oct 2014}

A few weeks ago, Cindy & Richard celebrated their 6th wedding anniversary with a portrait session with us! They put a lot of effort and details into planning their Edmonton wedding anniversary session. Their initial contact included the words: “Our Anniversary theme is Swarovski, roses, white, and Blue.” We knew theirs would be an especially beautiful session. We had an amazing time taking their anniversary photographs at Renaissance Edmonton Airport Hotel .

Thanks Cindy & Richard for including us in your celebrations.

Cindy & Richard-6_web
Cindy & Richard-16_web
Cindy & Richard-18_web
Cindy & Richard-23_web
Cindy & Richard-32_web
Cindy & Richard-35_web
Cindy & Richard-37_web
Cindy & Richard-42_web
Cindy & Richard-43_web
Cindy & Richard-45_web
Cindy & Richard-49_web
Cindy & Richard-54_web
Cindy & Richard-57_web
Cindy & Richard-60_web
Cindy & Richard-61_web
Cindy & Richard-63_web
Cindy & Richard-67_web
Cindy & Richard-73_web
Cindy & Richard-74_web
Cindy & Richard-84_web
Cindy & Richard-85_web
Cindy & Richard-93_web
Cindy & Richard-97_web
Cindy & Richard-109_web
Cindy & Richard-113_web
Cindy & Richard-114_web


Venue: Renaissance Edmonton Airport Hotel; Flowers: Fabloomosity; Nails: Q Nails.

{9th August 2014}

Angela & Patrick’s early fall wedding at Celtic Hall was so much fun to cover. A different selection of their wedding photographs and their full story was featured on yeg wed last week so please head there once you finish seeing our favourites. Their wedding included a very touching first look, Alligator-themed cake and table numbers & hand-crocheted dish cloths as favours!

Thanks Angela & Patrick for including us in your wedding. Congratulations again!

Angela & Patrick-5_web
Angela & Patrick-20_web
Angela & Patrick-30_web
Angela & Patrick-37_web
Angela & Patrick-41_web
Angela & Patrick-48_web
Angela & Patrick-52_web
Angela & Patrick-53_web
Angela & Patrick-60_web
Angela & Patrick-67_web
Angela & Patrick-71_web
Angela & Patrick-79_web
Angela & Patrick-84_web
Angela & Patrick-88_web
Angela & Patrick-90_web
Angela & Patrick-105_web
Angela & Patrick-158_web
Angela & Patrick-201_web
Angela & Patrick-203_web
Angela & Patrick-207_web
Angela & Patrick-224_web
Angela & Patrick-247_web
Angela & Patrick-248_web
Angela & Patrick-268_web
Angela & Patrick-274_web
Angela & Patrick-278_web
Angela & Patrick-282_web
Angela & Patrick-287_web
Angela & Patrick-290_web
Angela & Patrick-292_web
Angela & Patrick-293_web
Angela & Patrick-296_web
Angela & Patrick-299_web
Angela & Patrick-305_web
Angela & Patrick-307_web
Angela & Patrick-312_web
Angela & Patrick-318_web
Angela & Patrick-332_web
Angela & Patrick-335_web
Angela & Patrick-336_web
Angela & Patrick-393_web
Angela & Patrick-406_web
Angela & Patrick-438_web
Angela & Patrick-466_web
Angela & Patrick-469_web
Angela & Patrick-478_web
Angela & Patrick-490_web
Angela & Patrick-495_web
Angela & Patrick-509_web
Angela & Patrick-512_web
Angela & Patrick-515_web
Angela & Patrick-526_web
Angela & Patrick-543_web
Angela & Patrick-546_web


Preparation venue: Delta Edmonton South Hotel; Ceremony & reception venue: The Celtic Hall; Florist: Wild Orchid Cake: Jack & Molly designer cakes and sweet treats Hair: iTonica Makeup: Edmonton Makeup Artists DJ: Hear… by Request Groom’s outfit: Derks, Bride’s dress: David’s Bridal Bride’s jewelry: Etsy Bride’s Maid’s dresses: Bellissimma Cake cutting knife: Patrick’s Parents’ cake knife from their wedding on 10th May 1975 Favours: Crocheted by Bride and her Mom Bride’s Shoes: Towne Shoes Bride’s Wedding ring: Ben Moss Groom’s wedding ring: Premier Jewellers in Southgate Centre Bride’s engagement ring: Peoples Jewellers in WEM Invitations & Place cards by Angela & Patrick.

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