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{25th Jan 2015}

A few days ago, we were thrilled to be the official Photographers for Fairmont Hotel Macdonald Bridal Open House. The event featured the gorgeous works of River City Events, Elegant Touches and Special Event Rentals in ceremony and reception decor in the hotel’s 5 event rooms. This is a preview so we will feature each vendor’s decor on separate blog posts soon.

Fairmont Hotel Macdonald-24_Image by FO Photography
River City Events.
Fairmont Hotel Macdonald-122_Image by FO Photography
Special Events Rentals with flowers by Cory Christopher.

Fairmont Hotel Macdonald-28_Image by FO Photography
Elegant Touches.

We can’t wait to show you much more from these great collaboration between Fairmont Hotel macdonald, Special Event Rentals, Elegant Touches and River City Events.

{18th Jan 2015}

Edmonton Wedding Blogger Stacey of yeg wed, Stationer Anika Loewen and I, Funmi, attended Bridal Fantasy on Sunday afternoon. Whilst there, I took photographs of several vendors’ booths and I will share the images with you over the next weeks. In the interim, Stacey featured the cakes, venues & flowers that we saw on her blog today so you can see more of a selection there now.

Today, we feature floral arrangements from Studio Bloom! A few months ago, we met Rosella of Studio Bloom during #yegweddinghour before getting the opportunity to visit her beautiful boutique.

Bridal Fantasy 2015-111_Image by FO Photography
Bridal Fantasy 2015-115_Image by FO Photography
Bridal Fantasy 2015-117_Image by FO Photography
Bridal Fantasy 2015-118_Image by FO Photography
Bridal Fantasy 2015-121_Image by FO Photography

{31st Dec 2014}

Just like that, New Year’s Eve arrived! What a whirlwind of acitivity 2014 has been. We give thanks & praise to God for his numerous blessings. Our gratitude to our family, friends & clients are boundless; your encouragement and constant support means the world to us.

Here are a few of our favourite images from 2014. Some of the images are linked to their larger collection of photographs.

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Kirsty & Laura-28_WEB
Kirsty & Laura-25_WEB
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Cindy & Richard-43_web
Nanette & Francois-244_Image by FO Photography
Nanette & Francois-282_Image by FO Photography
Purple Equinox-29_Image by FO Photography
Black Tie Bingo-56_Image by FO Photography
Black Tie Bingo-168_Image by FO Photography
Milorie & Cris-320_Image by FO Photography
Milorie & Cris-498_Image by FO Photography
Kathleen & Hassan-191_Image by FO Photography
Kathleen & Hassan-21_Image by FO Photography_
Lobster Lovers-20_Image by FO Photography
Lobster Lovers-47_Image by FO Photography
Lobster Lovers-63_Image by FO Photography
Lori-Ann Claerhout-84_Image by FO Photography
Lori-Ann Claerhout-160_Image by FO Photography
Lori-Ann Claerhout-38_Image by FO Photography
Enbridge Christmas Party-55_Image by FO Photography
Enbridge Christmas Party-75_Image by FO Photography
Enbridge Christmas Party-43_Image by FO Photography
Christmas Card 2014_Image by FO Photography

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{24th Nov 2014}

 Last December, we met Lori-Ann for the first time, when she & Nicola organized TEDxGarneauWomen. Since then, we have been meeting with her to get to know her; discover some of her life goals, principles and generally, what makes her tick. Writing & editing are just two of her many talents. More recently, she wrote some pages on our website and other aspects of our social media platforms after she had conducted in-depth interviews with us. We are so happy with the results as they are true to what we had been struggling to convey previously. Thanks Lori-Ann!

A few weeks ago, I, Funmi, really enjoyed taking photographs of Lori-Ann, Mike & Bruno the dog as they went about their daily activities in their home in Athabasca before heading out to explore the Town of Athabasca with them. This Athabasca lifestyle portrait session was even more fascinating for us Engineers because Lori-Ann and Mike’s home was built on their requirement for net zero living. When I finished marvelling at all the design decisions that make their home style particularly eco-friendly, we started with “day in the life” imagery. We interspeced the session with some individual portrait images of Lori-Ann.

Special mention for the delicious Chicken sandwich that we had for lunch at Meg’s 2 scoop ice cream shop!

Thanks Lori-Ann and Mike for allowing us to document you and your remarkably calm dog, Bruno.

Lori-Ann Claerhout-2_Image by FO Photography
Lori-Ann Claerhout-3_Image by FO Photography
Lori-Ann Claerhout-4_Image by FO Photography
Lori-Ann Claerhout-5_Image by FO Photography
Lori-Ann Claerhout-8_Image by FO Photography
Lori-Ann Claerhout-10_Image by FO Photography
Lori-Ann Claerhout-11_Image by FO Photography
Lori-Ann Claerhout-12_Image by FO Photography
Lori-Ann Claerhout-15_Image by FO Photography
Lori-Ann Claerhout-17_Image by FO Photography
Lori-Ann Claerhout-18_Image by FO Photography
Lori-Ann Claerhout-19_Image by FO Photography
Lori-Ann Claerhout-24_Image by FO Photography
Lori-Ann Claerhout-28_Image by FO Photography
Lori-Ann Claerhout-31_Image by FO Photography
Lori-Ann Claerhout-36_Image by FO Photography
Lori-Ann Claerhout-38_Image by FO Photography
Lori-Ann Claerhout-44_Image by FO Photography
Lori-Ann Claerhout-52_Image by FO Photography
Lori-Ann Claerhout-57_Image by FO Photography
Lori-Ann Claerhout-64_Image by FO Photography
Lori-Ann Claerhout-67_Image by FO Photography
Lori-Ann Claerhout-69_Image by FO Photography
Lori-Ann Claerhout-73_Image by FO Photography
Lori-Ann Claerhout-77_Image by FO Photography
Lori-Ann Claerhout-79_Image by FO Photography
Lori-Ann Claerhout-81_Image by FO Photography
Lori-Ann Claerhout-84_Image by FO Photography
Lori-Ann Claerhout-86_Image by FO Photography
Lori-Ann Claerhout-89_Image by FO Photography
Lori-Ann Claerhout-107_Image by FO Photography
Lori-Ann Claerhout-109_Image by FO Photography
Lori-Ann Claerhout-110_Image by FO Photography
Lori-Ann Claerhout-111_Image by FO Photography
Lori-Ann Claerhout-112_Image by FO Photography
Lori-Ann Claerhout-123_Image by FO Photography
Lori-Ann Claerhout-124_Image by FO Photography
Lori-Ann Claerhout-132_Image by FO Photography
Lori-Ann Claerhout-138_Image by FO Photography
Lori-Ann Claerhout-139_Image by FO Photography
Lori-Ann Claerhout-153_Image by FO Photography
Lori-Ann Claerhout-155_Image by FO Photography
Lori-Ann Claerhout-158_Image by FO Photography
Lori-Ann Claerhout-160_Image by FO Photography
Lori-Ann Claerhout-168_Image by FO Photography

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